Powder Filling – 02

Powder Filling – 02

Kambert Powder Filling KPF-02 is suitable for Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage & Agriculture industries. KPF-02 is exclusively designed for automatic filling of powder and granulated products into Containers and Cans.

KPF-02 is for customers that require unparalleled accuracy. Our range of high quality auger fillers with proven technology is the ideal solution. This specially made auger filler is perfect for various powder & granulate products such flour, sugar, milk powder, grain powder, salt, chemical powder and herbal powder etc.

Standard Features

  • Modern linear conveying system
  • Sanitary enclosure
  • Servo based auger filling system
  • PLC with HMI control panel
  • Tool-less changeover function for auger feed screw

The ideal output of this 2 head powder filling machine is maximum upto 50 bottles/min for the bottles with diameter between 30 to 70 mm and height 60 to 170 mm. The fill size is from 5 to 100 grams. Output varies of container and their neck size, filling material characteristics and volume to be filled.    

KPF 02


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