Rotary Type Ampoule Washing Machine

Rotary Type Ampoule Washing Machine

Kambert  KGRW 20×3 is the latest addition to our range of high quality Rotary Ampoule Washing Machine. Absolute cleanliness and hygiene are paramount in pharmaceutical filling and packaging processes and this becomes of even more importance when you consider injectables filled into glass ampoules. Each ampoule must be absolutely sterile before it goes into the sterile filling area. Kambert, the leader in high technology pharmaceutical machinery offers a high precision ampoule washing machine that meets today’s high standards of sterility and hygiene.

Internal Cleaning

The KGRW 20×3 is equipped with 6 internal cleaning stations and each station has 6 cleaning needles making up a total of 36 cleaning needles. Each cleaning station is supplied via a pipe connected to the cleaning media-making washing area. This not only reduces the risk of particle generation, but also simplifies maintenance and cleaning efforts while saving time.

External Cleaning

The 3 external cleaning stations mounted in a stationary position above the ampoule can be easily adjusted for a specific height, angle and lateral position. Each cleaning station receives cleaning media-making through a pipe connected to the cleaning media-making washing area.

Cleaning Media Saving Principle

WFI, Purified water and air cleaning station are synchronized with the ampoule by reciprocating motion. Design is such that these media are put to use only when needles motion in forward direction. WFI consumption is further reduced by collecting the WFI in re-circulating water tank to be used later on in the pre-washing station. The ideal output of the machine is maximum upto 18000 ampoules/hr. Kambert also offers Change Part sets for rotary ampoule washing machine.


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