Air Jet Cleaning Machine

Air Jet Cleaning Machine

Kambert  Air Jet Cleaning Machine KAC-60 is suitable for Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage & Agriculture Industries.

KAC-60 is exclusively designed for automatic cleaning of “dust” particle from containers & cans. The entire process of product-changeover is easy and takes only few minutes. This machine is specifically made for various types of HDPE, Pet, Glass and metal containers.

The automatic vertical air jet cleaning machine cleans the container’s dust & other present impurities. It works on the principle of vacuum cleaning.

The machine consists of conveyor belt & vertical rotating wheel. Containers are passed through the conveyor which feeds the container to this synchronized vertical rotary wheel. The containers are located at individual cleaning station and then the cleaning nozzles move towards & below the container’s neck firmly where air jet cleaning starts. Containers are subject to positive pressure with stage wise filtered compressed air blown through the nozzle in the center of container where air is sucked from the periphery of the container with the help of vacuum pump through side nozzle. If any dust particles are set loose, they are collected under negative pressure by the vacuum pump. Thus all impurities or dust present in the container are removed. One filter is provided to prevent the impurities from going into the blower & preventing damage to the blower impeller. After cleaning, the containers are conveyed in upright position for further operations.

The machine is fully covered with an acrylic door. The machine filters bag and vacuum pump unit inbuilt in the machine. Speed of the machine can be regulated through the variable frequency drive.

The ideal output of the machine is maximum upto 60 containers/min for the container with diameter between 30 to 70 mm and height 60 to 170 mm. Output varies of container size and material characteristics.

Air Jet Cleaning


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