Wrap Around Labeler Machine

Wrap Around Labeler Machine

Kambert Wrap Around Labeler Machine KLM – 300 is suitable for wrapping labels on containers. Just place a container on the conveyor, press ON button and all speed adjustments are promptly calculated and synchronized for the start of your next production run. It finds applications in Industries like Pharmaceutical, Food Beverages & Agriculture.

Outstanding Features

  • KLM AutoSet – No operator adjustment is required for the product sensor or label sensor.
  • KLM AutoSet control system synchronizes speed for all moving parts.
  • Automatic adjustments of label sensor prevent wrinkles and miss feeds.
  • KLM labelers provide superior label placement accuracy.

The product passes through the product sensor on the conveyor where the PLC system will get the outer bottle diameter as the sensing points of the labeling system.

Label dispensing is then calculated automatically. Distance between product sensor & label peel blade is fixed and needs no adjustment in labeling time. Automatic adjustment for different bottle diameters can be simply done by the PLC system.

Bottle is placed on moving conveyor & pass through the sensing point, the system will instantly calculated the finest labeling position. At the same point of time, it also reaches conveyor & label dispensing speed synchronization along with wrapping speed & label extended length set up.

The ideal output of the machine is maximum upto 150 bottles/min for the bottles with diameter between 30 to 110 mm and height 50 to 305 mm. The labels should be within the length of 30 to 250 mm and height 15 to 150 mm. Output varies of container/labels size and material characteristics.

The machine has all the applications of lable dispensing, online printing lable with all details required like batch no., mfg.date, exp.date etc…  and finally inspecting the lable with high resolution vision camera system in terms of OCR/OCV/barcode/pharmacode/logo.

KLM 300


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