Powder Filling – 08

Powder Filling – 08

Kambert Powder Filling & Screw Capping is suitable for Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage & Agriculture Industries. KPF-08 is exclusively designed and engineered with highly advance filling technology. This specially made auger filler is perfect for various dry products, from free flowing powder filling to non free flowing powder filling.

Salient Features:

  • Modern linear conveying system
  • No container – No fill for individual head
  • Servo based auger filling system
  • Unique Pick & Place mechanism
  • Adjustable torque mechanism
  • Sanitary enclosurePLC controller with HMI screen

Cap Loading Elevator

  • Each cap loading elevator is capable of handling a wide variety of caps.

Rejection System

  • The Rejection System provides the capability to divert containers of any type, size or shape from the production conveyor without product spillage due to missing caps or defective seals.

Vacuum Powder Loading System

  • Machine can be equipped with vacuum based auto powder loading system in hopper.

The ideal output of this 8 head powder filling/capping machine is maximum upto 90 bottles/min for the bottles with diameter between 30 to 70 mm and height 60 to 170 mm. The fill size is from 5 to 100 grams. Output varies of container and their neck size, filling material characteristics and volume to be filled.

KPF 08


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