Elevating De-Duster

Elevating De-Duster

Kambert Elevating De-Duster is suitable for Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Food Industries. KED is exclusively designed for in-process manufacturing and allows tablets to be processed further without complications. It comply GMP norms.

Elevating De-Duster works on the principle of generation of vibrations with the use of magnetic coil and spring plates. Variable frequency supply to the magnetic coil, vibrations are generated in drive unit. This vibration helps for de-dusting and de-burring of tablets which pass over the spiral path.

Tablets carry dust left during compression of powder. These tablets enter into screening dish from inlet chute of drum and because of vibrations most of the dust passes through holes of the screening dish & then through tunnel to dust tube. When tablets move upward of the perforated spiral path, they are de-burred and de-dusted. Dust falls through perforated holes of spiral path on screening dish. Any dust accumulated on top plate goes to dust tube through circular hole provided on top plate and dust suction part provided for dust extractor.

Tablets enter at the bottom of spiral mesh and are elevated through number of spiral using vibratory motion. During this motion the tablets gets de-dusted and de-burred. At the end, tablets pass through dust chute. In this chute, the tablets come across perforations at the bottom through which the remaining fine dust carried by tablets is passed to the dust collection box. This arrangement ensures complete de-dusting and gentle de-burring of tablets.



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